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GT5 Einstellungen und Veranstaltungen | BRT(Brause Racing Team)

Brause Racing Team Setup-DB

Welcome to the one and only, absolutely free GT5 & GT6 Setup-Database of the Brause Racing Team.

This Database for Gran Turismo is primary built in german language. Only the most important pages and parts are translated to english and this work isn’t finished yet completely … so please be lenient towards me if you find german explications within the page.
The pages for GT5-Setups and GT6-Setups (the most important parts) are translated completely.
If anyone likes to help and can translate this page in any other language please feel free to contact BRT_DrT by email: admin(at)brause-racing.de

So post your setups here and have fun!

Gran Turismo Sport

This database will be continued for GT Sport. But since this page is quite old, I will also have to modernize the substructure completely. Unfortunately, all this takes a long time, because I only have very little time left for it. My job and my family want something of it, too.
As soon as the new page is almost ready, I will unlock it and it will run parallel to this one for a while until the GT6 and GT5 setups are transferred.
I hope for your understanding and patience

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PlayStation Plus not only gives you access to a range of games every month and exclusive discounts on top titles, but it also lets you take to the track and race with others from around the world! If you’ve yet to sample the delights of online play, then make sure to book out some time in your cale...
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Honda has always focused on human-centric development when pursuing new values in its automobiles, and the Honda Sports Vision Gran Turismo, created in collaboration with Gran Turismo, is no exception. A video where you can see the newly developed sports car is now available.
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On 12 October, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton became the 'Gran Turismo Sport' Maestro. On 30 October, he achieved his 4th F1 World Championship title victory on round 18 at the Mexican Grand Prix. By winning the American Grand Prix held in the previous week, Lewis Hamilton was one hand away from checkma...
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